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Welcome to MY community!

Hi! My name is Snarky Poo Butt. Welcome to my community. The purpose of this community is to make fun of people who make fun of other people, because if they are as tough, smart, funny and just all around wonderful like ME, then they will be able to handle it right?

It's okay to make fun of ANYTHING here, but remember, if you disagree with anything I say then I will ban you, because well, I CAN. Hahahahaha! And if you're just going to say that my posts are lame, then why bother to post at all? What's the point? It's just not funny. You'll never be as funny as me. It's important to be funny like me because I'm the only one around whose funny. Anyway, the rules are whatever I say they are today so you'd better not write that down or anything.

Oh, and if you say anything to me about me NOT being funny, then I'll make fun of the size of your ass, your photography skills, your kids, your journal, or anything else which has nothing to do with crochet! After all crochet is not nearly as important as being funny as me! You better not make me mad! I'll declare Tuesdays as a special day to make fun of you! You better not cross me! Besides, the only reason you would ever disagree with me is because you have like, ISSUES.

Remember, I AM FUNNIER THAN YOU. You're just lame. Totally not funny. And if you EVER say I'm not funny, well, then you're just an asshole aren't you? You're just yet another one of those people who will attack me for no reason whatsoever, and then justify it by claiming I attack people for no reason whatsoever. I know your type!

I made up this community because I can't face the fact that my designs are kinda lame and boring and mediocre, so I have to constantly create drama online to make myself seem more interesting. After all, isn't that what divas do? I do have standards dammit!!!

Also, I want to conveniently ignore the fact that my husband is a whiney little bitch and my life is a constant misery, besides, I really have nothing better to do than sit around making fun of people under the guise of being "witty," "snarky," "sardonic" and "sarcastic" even though I have little idea what any of those words actually mean.

So, like, everybody have fun posting ok! 'Cause haha, you shouldn't get offended because we're just trying to be funny. Looookie we even make fun of ourselves all the time haha! Just don't make fun of us if you don't want me to get mad.
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