Queen Bitch (snarkypoobutt) wrote in crosnark_snark,
Queen Bitch

I just dunno how, but somehow it ended up that I, SnarkyPooButt, single-handedly and by myself, destroyed crochet! Why is it all about meeee? I'm soooo curly, petite and vivacious!!!!

I just don't understand why other women don't like me! I feel sooo betrayed right now, I could just weep big ole crocodile tears! I'm soooo curly, petite and vivacious!!!! And innocent!

Well, with my good ole Protestent work ethic I can't just sit here on my ass, so my minions and I will be sure to flood the Internet with as many super-lame crochet snarks as possible, and each one will get dozens of comments! Who says we have nothing better to do!
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