Queen Bitch (snarkypoobutt) wrote in crosnark_snark,
Queen Bitch

What will they think of next?

Introducing: The World's Ugliest Skirt!

It might look like a pork loin that's been sliced open and dressed with something decaying, but its really a skirt! You might mistake it for a diaper cover from a 1970s crochet horror magazine, but its meant to be worn by grown women out in public! LOL funny! Find one of them who is willing to spend $50 on yarn to create this monsterpiece and actually wear it, and I'll send you a dollar Well, maybe not, but I'll be happy to laugh at the pictures with you!

How does this poo-poo even get published to begin with? Haven't a clue!

(now now you know you're thinking it too)
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